Here is where I am going post some things I’ve worked on.

During my first week of grad school we had to do one of those exercises where you go stand in an area of the room based on what you want to do with your life. The options were something like Commercial/Broadway Theatre, Academia, Avant-garde, or Something Else. After a few minutes I found myself standing with one other dude in the “Something Else” part of the room. It may seem ridiculous to get a master’s degree in something when you aren’t sure what it is you really want to do…but no more so than asking people to get up against the four corners of a room based on what they think they want to do during their first week of school.

It’s worked out pretty well for me so far.

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I was lucky to be featured in a couple videos about Dropmix by the Harmonix marketing team. These were fun to make. Links below.

Dropmix Unboxing

Dropmix Dev Diary

Katie’s Perfect Freestyle Mix

This was the first project I worked on at Harmonix. I was a producer for the character/crowd team and narrative/cinematics. I also did VO casting & direction, motion capture performance & direction, and some writing. I learned a ton from this project and it was a real dream to work on an Oculus launch title. Some reviews:

Top 12 PC VR Games- Kotaku

Few People Will Ever Know How Great Rock Band VR Is- Kotaku

Rock Band VR Shreds The Rhythm-Game Paradigm- Wired

Rock Band VR Is The Dorkiest Game and I Love It- Endgadet

Rock Band VR: It Will Make You Actually Feel Like A Rock Star- British GQ


Rock Band VR


The Walking Dead Experience

Jordan Woods Robinson and I had previously worked together for Blue Man Group.

This was a crazy thing that I worked on in 2015. It was a real fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of adventure. This was before Fyre Festival, but looking back there would have been a lot of Fyre Festival jokes going on. I told director Michael Counts that no matter how many things went wrong, people still seemed to roll through and say good things about it. This job made me start smoking again (I quit a few months later for good) and it was the first time I held a real gun (this had nothing to do with the show and everything to do with the people we had hired). Our entire set up was almost blown away by a storm and in Jersey we had to heat the thing with heaters that I am pretty sure were just jet engines.

Fangoria Review

The Walking Dead Experience: Behind Its Secret Avant-Garde Theater Credentials- Variety

Backstage (I was interview for this one)

Columbia Alumni Spotlight

I am going to just post a bunch of random stuff here that I’ve worked on. It was all wild. It was all a dream. And a lot of it was definitely “something else”.